cost of gynecomastia surgery manchester

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost Manchester

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost: Manchester

When it comes to gynecomastia surgery in Manchester, there are several factors that may affect the price. These include:

  1. Your choice of consultant
  2. Your medical history
  3. The type of anaesthetic recommended by your consultant as the best option for you
  4. Your choice of implant, medication, or procedure, or the recommendation of your consultant as the most suitable option for you

When considering pricing it is also worth checking if your initial consultation is included in the total price plus any aftercare and medications that may be required.

For your convenience, we have included direct links to the pricing pages of various clinics offering gynecomastia surgery in Manchester, UK. These are correct as of 05th October 2023.

Website AddressConsultation CostFromFinance Available
manchester statedNot statedNot stated
manchester statedNot statedNot stated
manchester statedNot statedNot stated
manchester stated£2,275Not stated
manchester statedNot statedNot stated
manchester stated£6,850Not stated
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